Wound hygiene

11 June 2021 14:35 - 15:10

Over the years there have been many ideas on what is considered best practice in wound care and as clinicians we hope we are providing this.

With research, experience and sharing of ideas, practice evolves and new concepts are supported and promoted.

Wounds considered ‘hard to heal’ have been increasing, along with the complexity of the patients we see. Evidence of biofilm in these wounds has been noted.

The International Consensus on Wound Hygiene was published in 2019 and gives a practical guide to managing hard to heal wounds. Wound hygiene is based on four simple steps in wound preparation and appropriate dressing choice. The concept is easy to follow and implement whatever the experience or scope of practice of the clinician involved.

Evaluations and outcomes of the practice have been positive, with some outstanding results.

Angela Walker, Podiatry Lead Clinical Specialist, Birmingham Community Health Care NHS Foundation Trust