Pressure 2: clinical effectiveness of high specification foam vs. alternating pressure mattresses in preventing category 2 pressure ulcers with Q&A

20 February 2020 15:35 - 16:15

Pressure ulcers represent a major burden to patients, carers and the healthcare system, affecting approximately 1 in 17 hospital and 1 in 20 community patients. They impact greatly on an  individual’s functional status and health-related quality of life. The mainstay of pressure ulcer prevention practice is the provision of pressure redistribution support surfaces and patient repositioning. The aim of the PRESSURE 2 study is to compare the two main mattress types utilised within the NHS: high-specification foam and alternating pressure mattresses, in the prevention of pressure ulcers (Brown et al. Trials (2016) 17:604DOI 10.1186/s13063-016-1703-8)

The results of this large randomised controlled trial will be presented and what they mean for clinical practice.

Nikki Stubbs, Professional Lead for Nursing, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust