Pressure ulcer surveillance - Update from the National Wound Care Strategy

24 February 2023 09:40 - 10:15

Pressure ulcers are in the ‘top ten harms’ in the NHS in England[1]. Investigations into the causes of pressure ulcers frequently show that unwarranted variation from evidence-based practice contributes to the development of pressure ulcers. Key to understanding and addressing this problem is being able to describe the size of the problem.

The current state of pressure ulcer care within the NHS is unclear. Although there are many publications reporting the results of audits and similar studies, unfortunately, these use a range of reporting approaches and definitions.

This lack of a consistent, systematic, and valid approach to data collection makes meaningful comparison problematic, either within or between organisations.

To address deficit, the NWCSP has been working with Model Health System colleagues, using SUS data, to develop a new point-of -care data collection and reporting system.  This work is currently being piloted with a number of hospital care providers.   The system is currently in its pilot stages and work is needed to improve the quality of the data, but it is hoped that this system can be rolled out across NHS England by quarter 1 2023 / 2024.

Jacqui Fletcher, Clinical Lead Pressure Ulcers, National Wound Care Strategy